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Our regular home groups are another space for people to study the scriptures together, learn, pray, and encourage one another.


SBC fiancially supports ‘Anchor RE’, a cross-denominational Scripture Board, which has permanent teachers in three local high schools as well as the local primary school ministry.


We’re really excited to be launching Alpha at  SBC in Term 2 for the young adult community (18-25). Alpha is all about life, faith and meaning. Creating a safe space to ask the big questions. Questions like, Is there more to life than this? Who is Jesus? And why should I read the Bible? Contact us if you want to find out more.



Prayer is important. We depend on God, it’s only God that come bring new life and transformation. We love that we can talk to the Creator of the Universe. Prayer is key in everything we do. A prayer team gathers together before the morning service for a time of intercession, and then we end our worship gathering by inviting people to come and be prayed for by our prayer team.

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