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You can join us on Sundays at 10am in the church building (parking is on MacMillian Street). Kids and Preschool Church will also be happening throughout the term. If you are feeling unwell or would prefer to join us online via zoom – let us know and we can send you the link.

Seaforth Baptist Church seeks to welcome and serve all people in the name of Jesus Christ. We invite all people, whatever their age, culture, abilities, marital status, sexuality or gender, to participate fully in the life of the church and abide by our Seaforth Code of Conduct Statement.

Our church has a long history and commitment to justice and theological diversity that is grounded in the gospel. We continue that journey with humility, led by the Spirit, and with a commitment to continue to be one body reconciling all peoples in Christ. We are an affirming church. This refers particularly to marriage. Marriage has become a point of contention in both the wider society and the church, indeed there are a variety of views held by our church members. However, our church’s position is to encourage people when considering marriage to see it as a serious commitment. Marriage should aim to be a covenant relationship between two people where faithfulness, love and monogamy are valued.

We look forward to seeing you!

Grace & Peace,


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Come and Visit

Sharing Life

We are a group of people trying to share life together because we think relationships matter.

Safe Space

If you are wanting a safe space to wrestle with how to lead a good life in our busy society.

All Welcome

Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, a seeker with questions or a committed Christian, you are welcome.


We are a diverse bunch with a range of ideas but in the end, we’re trying to figure out the big questions about God and the purpose of life.